VCT - Vinyl Composition Tile

Commercial Flooring - VCT also know as, Vinyl Composition Tile, is a combination of natural limestone, filler materials, thermoplastic binder and color pigments.


VCT requires layers of polish to protect its surface. VCT materials must typically be stripped, waxed and polished on a regular basis.


In general, VCT is cheaper up front, but LVT is less costly over time. As LVT is more durable and doesn’t require regular stripping, waxing and polishing, it reduces maintenance costs.


So which is right for you? That depends on the exact type of floor you select, the wear and tear your floor will see and how long you’ll be in your facility. Here at Manco Distributors we can advise you on the best solution for your specific application. In the majority of cases, the analysis shows LVT as the better option, and it’s what we typically recommend.

Our representatives are always here to answer your questions and provide information on the type of flooring best suited for your needs. Call Manco Distributors Commercial Flooring for all your flooring needs.

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