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Manco Commercial Flooring, Syracuse.


The huge selection of styles in carpet and carpet tiles provides considerable creative possibilities in commercial installations. 

Commercial and residential carpet, is woven on a very wide loom. Most commonly shipped and installed in 12-foot wide large rolls, this type of carpet is still the most commonly used for wall-to-wall carpeting in both commercial and residential applications. Broadloom is typically installed over a carpet pad.

Carpeting provides a warmer and more insulated floor than a hard surface material. The suitability of broadloom or carpet tiles depends on a number of factors, such as volume of foot traffic, location of flooring, and the aesthetic desired. 

High quality commercial carpet with a moisture barrier backing offers excellent stain resistance and durability for most applications. The variety of patterns allows for a great deal of creative freedom.


In commercial applications, carpet or carpet tiles imparts a warmer, more residential aesthetic. Damaged carpet tiles can be replaced when worn or stained. 

From budget friendly carpet for facility coordinators or a more luxurious design for commercial applications, Manco Distributors has partnered with the industries leading  manufacturers to provide quality products that will meet your expectations. Our professional carpet installers will see to it your job gets done right and on time. We are the leading commercial flooring specialist here in Syracuse, NY.

Mohawk Carpeting
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The warmth and softness of today’s broadloom along with new features and styles make carpeting a great choice for many commercial and residential spaces. Some of the latest carpeting trends that prove this versatile material is worth serious consideration


Pattern carpet or carpet tiles is a popular option for creating visual interest in a commercial setting. Today’s patterns range from classic to a more modern geometric shape and linear designs. Choose small-scale patterns for a subtle look, or go with larger patterns for a more dramatic impact.

Neutral Colors

Carpets in neutral tones are still a sought-after option with facility coordinators. In commercial settings the gray tones continue to gain momentum as the “new beige.”

Built to Last

Advancements in fiber technology have made carpet more durable and longer lasting than ever. New carpet not only adds coziness to a room, but with today’s broad selection of carpet styles, colors, and patterns, you can create looks ranging from a neutral backdrop to a vibrant focal point. The choice is yours.

Manco Distributors has the carpet your looking for. Give us a call now and speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.


When it comes to keeping dirty feet off the carpet, dust, food and other everyday grime is going to make its way onto your precious pile. That’s where a good vacuum comes in. Frequent vacuuming sucks up the dust and loose dirt, refreshing your rugs and extending the life of your investment

For more tips on how to keep your new carpet clean see Shaw Floors an industry leader in flooring.

Manco Distributors offers professional installation on all floor covering. Call us today to get a free quote on your next flooring project.

Manco Distributors is a proud member of the Syracuse Builders Exchange

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