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Rubber Tile Flooring

Rubber floor tiles are without a doubt rapidly becoming one of the more popular and widespread flooring materials in new buildings. This is particularly true in loft style apartments and condos, retail store spaces, and the kinds of inviting, visually appealing offices often used by design firms and other companies that routinely host clients in their work area.

Rubber floor tiles are literally that: flooring tiles made from rubber. Rubber has a well-earned reputation for being able to withstand almost any abuse without getting scratched, marked or dented.  Many rubber tiles are even made from recycled materials, making an already green product even greener.

There are a number of advantages to commercial rubber floor tiles over conventional flooring methods like wood, regular tile, or vinyl. Rubber tiles are one of the sturdiest flooring materials on the market. They are virtually impervious to water, naturally resist stains, and are resilient to scuffing. Rubber flooring was originally engineered for extremely high-traffic public areas that thousands of people walk on daily. It is designed to stand up to the absolute heaviest abuse you can give it.


If your next commercial flooring project includes rubber flooring, give us a call now. Speak to one of the experts at Manco Distributors Commercial Flooring about your rubber flooring requirements.  We can provide samples, pricing and a professional installation.

Rubber tile flooring
Rubber Tile Flooring installers
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Manco Distributors Commercial Flooring, Syracuse, offers professional commercial rubber tile installation. Call us today to get a free quote on your next flooring project.

Manco Distributors Commercial Flooring Group is a proud member of the Syracuse Builders Exchange

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